Staff Reads guidelines

“Staff Reads” Book Review Guidelines and How-To’s

  • A book is eligible for review if a circulating copy exists at a University System of Georgia institution.
  • Book reviews should ideally be 150-300 words in length.  If you want to write a significantly longer review that’s probably ok, but do try to be concise.
  • Including an image of the book’s cover is not required, but is strongly encouraged.  People like pictures.
  • At the top of the review, state the title of the book, the author, and the original publication date.
  • It’s a good idea to put a link to GIL and/or the GIL/UC and/or the book’s record in either of the catalogs.  See Technical matters below for how to do this.
Technical Matters
  • When you finish writing your review, don’t publish it.  Instead, save it.  This will allow the blog editors to publish the reviews on a regular schedule or as desired for new content.  You can preview a draft if you want to see how it will look when it’s published.
  • Using Amazon, Amazon UK, or other bookselling sites for cover images.
    1. Go to the book’s page, and right click on the book cover image you want to use.

      • If you’re using Internet Explore, choose “properties”.  From the Properties window, copy the URL field.  Make sure you get the ENTIRE file name.  On Amazon, these are usually very long URLs.

      • If you’re using Firefox, choose “copy image location”

    2. In WordPress, click on the “Add image” icon.

    3. When the “Add an Image” window appears, choose the tab “From URL”

    4. Paste the image you copied in Step 1 into the Image URL field.  Type the title of the Book into the Image Title field.

A Note About GoodReads
If you have a GoodReads account and are prone to use it, you might like to exploit a feature provided by GoodReads for moving your reviews to the Libraries’ blog.  After you submit a review to GoodReads, you’ll see a section on the resulting page titled, “blog this review.”  Underneath is your review in a box, with the instructions above it to “Copy/paste the below text into your blog.”  Here’s what you need to do:
  1. Copy the text in that window
  2. Open a new post in the libraries’ blog.  Click on the “HTML” tab above the empty space where you would normally type.
  3. Paste the text.
  4. Click on the “Visual” tab to see what you’ve just pasted in.
  5. Delete any fields you don’t wish to appear in the libraries’ blog.