GILFind Features: Enhanced Full Records

February 24, 2010 – 8:55 AM

The new new GILFind catalog (in beta) has enhanced full records, including in many cases tables of contents, cover images, reviews from Amazon, links to a preview on Google books, and recommendations for similar books!  (The Classic GIL catalog, which will continue to be available, pioneered the availability of many tables of contents.)

Previous blog posts on GILFind have introduced this new interfacedemonstrated faceted searching, and the ability to text a record to your cell phone.

Clicking “Full Display” in Classic GIL allows you to see the table of contents for many recently-published books – a useful too when you’re trying to decide if the book covers your topic. (Click to enlarge the image.)

In GILFind, the Full record has the table of contents, but also a cover image (if available), a link to a preview of the book in Google Books (if available), and links to search the GIL Universal Catalog,, and Amazon for the book.  You can contribute to the record by “tagging” it with keywords or leaving a comment for other users to see.  GILFind also suggests related books that you may be interested in, using the subject headings available in the record.  (Click the image to enlarge).

Give GILFind a try – we think you’ll like its special features!

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