Need Statistics? Start with our Subject Guide.

February 17, 2010 – 3:00 PM

Data Services librarian Sheila Devaney has recently put together a new guide to Finding Statistics at the UGA Libraries.  It’s a great place to start getting oriented to the many sources of stats we have, including

  • Linked annotated lists of top resources.
  • Lists of resources by topic (Agriculture, Criminal Justice, Education, Weather, more…)
  • A customized search engine called “Data Pup” that will search our resources for you!

Give Data Pup a try – enter a topic in the box below (I like “fish” – for fishery data, both economic and environmental!)


Providing you with UGA Libraries’ recommended web resources for getting started with statistics and data.

For more detailed information, see the Data Services website, or Ask a Librarian!

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