Guide to African-American newspapers on microfilm

October 8, 2006 – 12:05 AM

The Serials Department at the UGA Libraries is pleased to announce the publication of an extensive guide to our holdings of African-American newspapers on microfilm. The PDF version of this guide is now online.

An excerpt from the guide itself helps to explain its purpose and scope:

Various African-American newspapers have been collected over time at the University of Georgia Libraries for use by its students, faculty, and researchers. These collections consist primarily of microfilm format and the content ranges dates from 1826 to the present era. In some cases, these titles were acquired piecemeal, as research needs required, and in other cases they were purchased as a part of other collections. The resulting microfilm is not considered “a collection” in the formal sense and many individual newspaper titles are cataloged independently of the rest. Obviously, for the purposes of studying African-American history, having a guide to these various titles and collections would be most useful.

The guide is divided into three sections.

  • Title Listing
  • State Listing
  • Chronological Listing

For questions about the guide or the holdings, please contact the Serials Department.

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