Question of the Week: Can I pay a fine remotely?

October 2, 2009 – 7:28 AM

Pay a fine:

  • In person, using cash or check, at the Main Library,  Science Library or Curriculum Materials Library Circulation Desks.
  • In person or by phone or by phone using a credit card at Main (706-542-3256) or Science (706-542-4535).
  • In person using Bulldog Bucks at Main or Science.
  • By mail (check only) to Main or Science (addresses).

Unfortunately there is not  a way to pay fines online right now.

Avoid Fines:

Keep track of books you have checked out using My Account, and renew your books online to avoid fines!

Why do we charge fines?

Fines help remind library users to return books on time and take good care of them while you have them, so the whole University community can benefit from the library’s purchases.

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